Server Protection and Security


Who needs this?

We’ve optimized our legendary antivirus technology for heavy-duty use in demanding server environments, leaving threats out in the cold. Our antivirus protection delivers more effective, faster protection across your network of physical or virtual servers.

What’s Protected?

  • Broad platform support for Windows, UNIX and Linux servers
  • Small memory footprint won’t slow you down. Our antivirus agent has low performance impact, and is optimized for virtualization
  • HIPS protection for Windows is easy to deploy and manage


Powerful Server Protection

Server Security

Pro-server. Anti-virus. Protect virtual and physical servers from malware threats without sacrificing performance.

Secure Virtualization Overview
SharePoint Datasheet

Network Storage Antivirus

High-tech security for high-tech storage. High-performance antivirus for NetApp, EMC and Sun storage systems.

Network Storage Protection Overview
Web Server Vulnerabilities Whitepaper


Good news for email. Bad news for spam. Enforce policy compliance and defend against spam and advanced threats on Exchange, Domino or at the gateway.

PureMessage Exchange Overview
Email Protection

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