Exclusive interview with The Guthrie Clinic in Business Review USA

Business Review USA speaks to Grace Jackson, VP Procurement at The Guthrie Clinic, about how the organization has overhauled its supply chain infrastructure to improve operations and cement its status in the region.

Jackson stepped into her role with a view to restructure the logistics of Guthrie, as the business was operating with many different systems which weren’t working harmoniously with one another.

“We had multiple disparate systems, manual processes, and a lot of status quo going on,” she explains. “We really needed to be able to raise the importance of the supply chain to a strategic level. So, we wanted to achieve a number of things in terms of automation and integration, better visibility with regards to business intelligence, and improved reporting across the organization.”

There were challenges – as there always are when a change is set to be implemented – but with the support of healthcare and supply chain professionals alike, Jackson is making the changes required to enable Guthrie to thrive.

“We’ve made tremendous progress,” says Jackson. “What we want to do is expand nationally. Guthrie is known for the great services they provide, so being able to expand to other communities is really what we’re trying to accomplish. Before that, we need to improve our speed and lower costs; at that stage, we can grow.”

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