Endpoint Protection and Security


Who needs this?

This protection will keep data in and malware out – all within your antivirus budget. Shield users with antivirus protection, data encryption, and mobile control. Wherever users are, whatever they’re using, they’re protected.

What’s Protected?

  • All computers, mobile devices, and servers on a network
  • Encryption for devices and file shares End-user Protection Suites

Endpoint Security Solutions

Endpoint Protection Suites

The all-in-one security suite. Protection for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, data, web and even email – all with a single license. Contact Us for a Free Trial!

Complete Security Suite Datasheet
Data Protection Suite Datasheet
Web Protection Suite Datasheet

Endpoint Antivirus

Essential protection for laptops and desktops. Essential threat protection for desktops and laptops, managed locally or through the cloud. Contact Us for a Free Trial!

Endpoint Buyers Guide
Sophos Cloud Datasheet 

Mobile Control

Countless devices, one solution. Complete mobile security and device management, from a simple web-based console. Contact Us for a Free Trial!

Mobile Control Datasheet
MDM Buyers Guide 

 Safeguard Encryption

Encryption everywhere. Protect your data on computers, shared folders, removable media and even the cloud. Contact Us for a Free Trial!

Sophos SafeGuard Overview
Sophos SafeGuard for Mac


Protects your Android devices against the growing threat of malware. Sophos Mobile Security – Enterprise is fully-integrated and managed through Sophos Mobile Control. It also provides Web Protection for Android users. 

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