4 Types of Project Management Offices That Deliver Value

During conversations with clients, Gartner analysts discovered organizations designed project management offices (PMOs) in a variety of setups. But does an ideal set up exist? “Often, large organizations have multiple PMOs, all of which can be very different,” says Mbula Schoen, Senior Principal Analyst, Gartner. “This makes it hard for program and portfolio management (PPM) […]

FTC Eyeballs ISPs’ Data Privacy Practices

The United States Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday announced an investigation into the privacy policies, procedures and practices of seven Internet broadband providers and related entities: AT&T Inc. AT&T Mobility LLC Comcast Cable Communications doing business as Xfinity Google Fiber Inc. T-Mobile US Inc. Verizon Communications Inc. Cello Partnership dba Verizon Wireless The FTC has […]

How to Get Started With AIOps

Last year, Australia’s two largest supermarket chains suffered nationwide technical issues, forcing the companies to close stores until the issues were fixed. The result: Lost revenue and frustrated customers. The reality is that IT teams are dealing with increasing amounts of data and a variety of tools to monitor that data, which can mean significant […]