3 Ways CIOs Get the Growth Mindset Wrong

When researchers told teachers that a certain group of children were high performers with greater intelligence than other students, teacher expectations for the higher-performance students increased. In turn, those children’s performance improved, and they ended the year with more improved IQ scores. These students received more feedback, more opportunities and more attention. But in reality, […]

ACLU Blasts Clearview’s Facial Recognition Accuracy Claims

The American Civil Liberties Union earlier this week criticized facial recognition tool developer Clearview for making misleading claims about the accuracy of its product. Clearview apparently has been telling law enforcement agencies that its technology underwent accuracy testing modeled on the ACLU’s 2018 test of Amazon’s Rekognition facial recognition tool. For that test, the ACLU […]

Gartner Predicts the Future of IT Operations

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders have a unique opportunity in deciding what role they will play when digital transformation takes place within the context of technology disruption: Move to the forefront of infrastructure-led disruption or remain custodians of legacy infrastructure.  Infrastructure-led disruption leads to business value “Infrastructure-led disruption leads to business value,” says Mark Cleary, […]