Develop a Convincing Business Case for IAM

Security and identity and access management (IAM) leaders often struggle with developing compelling business cases to secure funding to support their organization’s IAM programs, which requires resources for projects as well as head count for ongoing operations. “This is because many IAM leaders are too fixated on technology and narrow business drivers, such as cost […]

5 AI Myths Debunked

“AI will automate everything and put people out of work.” “AI is a science-fiction technology.” “Robots will take over the world.” The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) has produced many myths, in mainstream media, in board meetings and across organizations. Some worry about an “almighty” AI that will take over the world, and some think […]

Calculate Potential Market Share Size for a New Product or Service

“How did the product manager get leadership interested in that new product idea?” “He showed them a billion-dollar total addressable market!” Product managers use eye-catching market-sizing estimates of the total addressable market to gain executive interest and approval of their new product or service ideas. Although this approach can garner attention, it is just as […]

Wireless Carriers Caught Playing Fast and Loose With Location Data

AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint have sold access to subscribers’ real-time location data to aggregators, which in turn have sold it to about 250 bounty hunters and related businesses, Motherboard reported Wednesday. In some cases, the data allowed users to track individuals to their specific locations inside a building. Some companies made thousands of location requests […]