Data Protection Services

Hybrid Cloud-based Backup & Recovery

Secure data, easily accessible

Our Data Protection service is a hybrid cloud backup & recovery service. It starts with file and folder based backup all the way up to full or granular image based recovery. Hybrid backup & recovery means you keep a complete backup locally as well as offsite secure in the cloud.

Our Backup Philosophy: As Easy as 3, 2, 1

3 - Copies of Data
2 - Types of Media
1 - Copy in the Cloud

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Your Data is Safe with Us

Reliable and Secure

Data is critical to your business and needs to be accessible to you and you alone when you need it.

  • All data is encrypted at rest and in transmission with AES 128, 256 or 448-bit blowfish.
  • Data is safe from download or device theft on site and safe in transmission or in the cloud.
  • Only the device owner holds the private encryption key to their data.
  • MAX Backup adheres to the strictest compliance regulations.
  • 99.999% UPTIME
  • PCI-DSS, HIPAA ISO 27001 and SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II

Fast Backup

By indexing every file on a device, we can quickly scan for changes and only backup the minor increments. The result is fast backup with minimal impact on CPU and outgoing bandwidth.

Recover file & folder, full image or enterprise applications

Faster Recovery

Most often people are simply looking to recover a lost file or group of documents that were accidently deleted. Being able to quickly go back to the way things were yesterday is important. For critical systems, having a local backup allows you to get back up and running in 5 minutes when disaster strikes.

Bare Metal Recovery

  • Bootable USB or ISO
  • Access BMR Session Remotely
  • Dissimilar Hardware and HDD
  • Single Pass Application Recovery (VSS)
  • GPT / UEFI / BIOS / MBR support

File & Folder Recovery Application Recovery

  • SQL
  • Exchange (Granular)
  • SharePoint
  • Oracle

Virtual Disaster Recovery

  • VHD / VMDK
  • HyperV / VMWare (Granular)

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