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Optimize Your Application Organizational Structure

In the application industry, one of the most common questions for leaders is how to choose the “right” structure to achieve optimal business results and delivery for their organizations. The advent of digital business has huge ramifications on the future of the application organization. New models of business engagement, different skills, and the increased number of an […]

Digital Business Requires Integrated Risk Management

In 2019, organizational risks are turning into significant operational surprises, and the frequency will only increase as digital business requirements grow. There is no longer room for siloed risk management programs. Instead, security leaders must focus on building integrated risk management programs. Risk management programs mitigate the impact of uncertainty on business performance “Risk management […]

Develop a Convincing Business Case for IAM

Security and identity and access management (IAM) leaders often struggle with developing compelling business cases to secure funding to support their organization’s IAM programs, which requires resources for projects as well as head count for ongoing operations. “This is because many IAM leaders are too fixated on technology and narrow business drivers, such as cost […]

5 AI Myths Debunked

“AI will automate everything and put people out of work.” “AI is a science-fiction technology.” “Robots will take over the world.” The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) has produced many myths, in mainstream media, in board meetings and across organizations. Some worry about an “almighty” AI that will take over the world, and some think […]