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Improve Customer Experience With Artificial Intelligence 

Better customer experience (CX), which leads to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy, is a goal across many organizations. A good understanding of customers is the first step toward an excellent customer experience, and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) can help accelerate this understanding. Machine learning, natural-language understanding and natural-language processing can help analyze customer sentiment […]

Future-Proof CRM Solutions to Support Digital Business

Pursuing customer-centricity as part of a digital transformation often results in changes to customer relationship management (CRM) applications. This poses a challenge for most CRM and customer experience (CX) leaders, as they need to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer and architect future-proof CRM solutions.   In 2019, the priorities of 40% of organizations will […]

CIO Agenda 2019: Take a Hard and Soft Approach to Cybersecurity

Ninety-five percent of CIOs expect cybersecurity threats to increase and impact their organizations. In most organizations, the CIO is accountable for cybersecurity. But the IT organization alone can’t provide it. The frequency of social engineering attacks (such as phishing) require broader behavioral and cultural change. Top-performing CIOs counter threats using a combination of hard and […]